Art.  Marketing.  World Domination.

Joshua Ryan Ogg is the official code name for the mutant creature scientists recently thawed from Antarctic ice.  A cross hybrid caveman from prehistoric times with alien DNA.   Experts believe him to be from a planet in the Orion Nebula who was left behind when he and his alien frat buddies visited Earth for a Vegas-style bender turned Hangover comedy of errors.  His friends likely forgot where they left him and never returned so he made himself at home.

Or something like that.

Joshua Ryan Ogg

Hello friends and fellow freakazoids.  Welcome to the wide world of OGG.

 29 times around this star so far with a love of all things arty, creative, philosophical, adventurous, mystical and rock-n-roll.  I travel this rock with my soul mate and our two brilliant man-cubs, usually found somewhere between Ohio and California, with occasional vacations to the largest of Jupiter’s moons.

I landed on this planet in the Appalachian basin roundabout Southern Ohio and the ship never came back to get me.  Great place to grow up though, good ole American roots.  Fields, forests, hometown parades, Friday night football.   Proud of my heritage, my family, and my amazing network of friends and artists.

I was always one of those weirdos that likes books, art, philosophy, music, and mind bender movies full of guns and boobs. Spent a lot of time surfing the web in the 90s and even more so in the Millennium.   As the resident freakazoid with the oversized ego imagination and big dreams that refused to go quietly into the night, I followed my plan to invade the minds of mankind and dominate the world with stories and nefarious hypnotic mind control.  Attended film school in Chicago where I wrote scripts, directed short films, and produced a bunch of different stuff with my fellow creative types.

Spent some time in Southern California (San Diego and Los Angeles) fulfilling the karma of a Bible Belt white kid new to the coast;  surfing, writing, reading, making friends, continuing my education, solving the world’s problems, exalting in psychedelic benders, and looking out at the edge of a spinning world in complete fascination.   Went out of my mind in search of truth, light, and supernatural sillies until I decided it was time to come back to Earth and share the trip.

While toiling away in a far-flung corner of the entertainment industry doing market research and exit polls for motion pictures and later coordinating corporate digital marketing strategies, I was busy learning the ins and outs of the internet and what I quickly saw was the future of the globally-connected techno world we’re all living in; a new intersection of art and commerce.

Internet marketing, blogging, social media, e-commerce, and indie publishing all come together under a banner that lets me put my ideas and my craft out there for the hungry masses without the friction of the traditional gatekeepers in the publishing industry.  Not that I have anything against the old world models, I just see value in the explosion of new possibilities at our disposal.

The world is primed for all sorts of creative media that tells interesting and original stories.

Took me a while to figure out what to do with all the stuff I was learning and dreaming.  Freelanced and consulted for some small businesses until I decided my Apprenticeship to the Internet and digital media worlds was ready to be bumped up to a full-on Journeyman level period of work-like-a-bamf kickassery.

Now I do work in digital marketing and indie media publishing with a handful of creative types.

After many years of practicing my craft and putting pen to paper, I’m finally ready to put my own written work on the interwebz for mass consumption by people as weird as I am.   My first book in the Medicine Man Series is Oblivion and will is available on Amazon now.

Books.  Graphic Narratives.  Movies.  Television.  Web Media.   It’s all storytelling, it’s all art, it’s all craft.  I love it all.

So this blog is me sticking a flag in internet sand and daring you to read my half-drunken ramblings about life, art, culture, technology, psychedelic drugs, pagan rituals, UFOs, digital media, tacos, toddlers, daydreams, and naked debauchery.   Maybe some stuff about my work too.  Hopefully it will make folks aware of my books and allow me to connect with the other amazing weirdos rocking this super indie digital revolution of epic awesomeness that is sweeping our little blue marble in space.

Drop me a line, connect with me,  buy my book, write me a poem, whatever.

I like connecting with other aliens and weirdos and winners so hit me up.

And y’know, stay classy.