Punk Shamanism in a World of Drugs, Data, and the End of Days.

The Medicine Man Series follows Kalvin Renley, a troubled 20-something street chemist responsible for potent miracle potions and haunted by visions of the Apocalypse.  Thanks to his charismatic best friend, Donnie, Kal’s reputation precedes him on the streets of Southern California where he’s known as the Medicine Man, a local legend rumored to brew up strange hallucinations that heal the sick, cast out demons, and put you smack in front of the Great Mystery.

Intended as an ongoing series of short novels, the Medicine Man Series will explore a variety of colorful concepts from psychedelic trips and spiritual communions to gang violence and conspiracies of world domination.  Using surreal imagery and a varied palette of ancient symbols and stories, the idea is to walk through a subconscious look at the modern world.  Chemicals, computers, conspiracies, aliens, occult fraternities, and corporate agendas clash with questions about what’s beyond this world and how we relate to that as people.

Kal, Donnie, Eden, and a cast of other characters will walk through their own version of the Apocalypse to learn the answer that’s been waiting at the end of time.

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A maniac is murdering gang leaders in the desert outside San Diego. An upstart Mexican cartel has infiltrated the local market with a toxic new drug. Black magic is whispered in alleys and zombie tweekers roam the streets. In a world where soul-stretching drugs and supernatural voodoo clash in a mysterious criminal underworld, brazen young kingpin Donnie DeGrassi must get his best friend and mad chemist, Kal Renley, out of retirement before reality gets any more twisted. Punk Shamanism in pulp fiction technicolor, available exclusively on Amazon.


Coming Soon 2015

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