Okay so I’ve been in this weird limbo realm lately. (Lately?  Like… a year or more.)  I’m working tirelessly on a digital agency I started (web design, brand marketing, etc) which has kept me pretty busy, not to mention taking time to spend with my kids who are 4 and 6, with a third on the way in December.  Life is a weensy bit busy.  Still, no excuse for abandoning my own personal brand and the platform I set up to broadcast my thoughts and creations to the world, right?

Thanks to some much-needed encouragement and ass-kicking from a friend, I’m resolving to resume regular blogging, social media communication, vlogging, and writing books because there’s no reason to keep it all bottled up inside.

I use a lot of excuses to avoid this.  Like many of you, I’m quite crafty at hiding behind “work” or “family” or just plain agonizing over trivial details like should I use my full given name or rebrand to a shorter version to create some separation from my professional business reputation?  Perhaps a relevant question to wrestle with, but not at the expense of getting creative work done.

I have a lot of creative energy that I can and should share with the world and part of my message to others is that you have to share your stuff!  We are bombarded by absurd political arguments and people’s dumb, regressive opinions on a daily basis.  Let’s instead celebrate art, poetry, story, and all the GOOD NEWS of the world!

Seriously, we live in the best possible time to be alive.  A Golden Age!

Incredible technology, the height of medicine, lowest rates of hunger, poverty, and violence in recorded memory.  Yet we squabble over minor social issues and partisan politics like fat, gluttonous, dimwitted, toga-wearing Greek senators in an age of debauchery and decline.  We’re better than that.  I’m better than that.

So, starting today, I’m going to share my views with the world and engage you in conversation.  Why?  Because that’s what this age of the world affords us, what it’s all about.  Dialogue, communication, creativity, innovation, and exploration.  I could be speaking to the yawning abyss of the Internet and maybe no one cares but, whatever, this stuff’s eternal.  And it’s mine. It’s what I have to say.

Let’s be free to debate some views, share great art, tumble down the rabbit hole, and generally exalt ourselves in things that inspire and evolve us.  This is the beginning of the civilized age in so many ways.  Let’s make the most of it. Play to legacy.  To history.  Live a life that, when we look back on it from old age, affords us a view of creativity, vibrant expression, lively conversation, beautiful relationships, stimulating storytelling, and a general sense of holding nothing back and letting the world deal with who we are.  (I’m selling myself on this, can you tell?)

I wrote a book and put it out to the world.  Super glad I did and it was fun, but that’s not the best work I’m here to produce by ANY stretch of the imagination.  It was my warm-up lap. A sampling of my bizarre creative depths and a learning experience for me on self publishing, personal brand, indie promotions, and being ballsy enough to just fucking do it already!  

I’ve been holding off on building my own personal brand for a while now because I don’t want my brand to exist solely to push that first novel. There’s more to say, to share, to draw, to write, to create.  I hold back because I feel like I need to be selling something in order to publish content (the marketer in me).  But that’s bunk.  So, I’m just putting myself out there to find my tribe and feel it out.  Sue me.  (no, don’t really)

So, here’s my resolution to stop whining and start talking.

The details will work themselves out.

They always do.