It’s been a crazy couple of months since I last posted anything to the blog but there’s good reason for that, I promise!  While the rest of the world has been arguing over flags and skin color, I’ve been tinkering away in the basement of the web, where I’ve beefed up my web design skills and re-built my website from scratch.   After some frustrated trial and error that resulting in the considerable expansion of my skill set in WordPress and Photoshop, I can proudly blow the trumpet and bellow… Behold the new and improved JRO website!

You can sign up for my Reader Group on the homepage to get a free sample of Oblivion.  In a couple weeks I’ll be releasing a free short story to this group along with some other goodies.  I’ve also retooled the series overview for Medicine Man.  But, as excited as I am to unveil a new web design and pat myself on the head, that’s not the real news of the day.

Starting today and running through Sunday, Oblivion is FREE on Amazon Kindle!




If you or some ravenous reader friends of yours are into gritty action, dark supernatural occulty-stuff, or psychedelic anti-heros, then this is the book for you.  It’s normally priced at $2.99 but for this week, I want everyone to get a chance to grab it.

Why is that? you ask, humble reader…

Because in a few months, I’ll be releasing the sequel to Oblivion!

Book 2 of the Medicine Man Series is titled BORNLESS and continues the head-spinning descent into the apocalyptic dreamtime where Kal and Donnie seem to be right at home.

But first there will be a short story (due out by August) so grab a free copy of Oblivion, sign up for the mailing list, and fall into a world of drugs, voodoo, and danger.

Be sure to leave a review on Amazon, my friends!  That helps more than you know in promoting and selling the book.

As always, there are myriad ways to Contact Me so don’t be shy.

Until next time.