After doing battle with the CreateSpace formatting engine and waiting like an impatient puppy by the mailbox for 2 different proof copies of the book, I’m proud to say that Oblivion is now available to read in paperback!   Oblivion on Desk

A lot of folks have been waiting for the paperback version (and here I thought Kindle was the new rage) so I’m looking forward to hearing the response.  Not gonna lie, it’s a great feeling to hold a book I made in my hands.  I love the digital landscape but it’s hard to beat the smell of fresh paper.

I really enjoyed putting this book together and setting the stage for the characters to continue in a few more books.  A labor of love, for sure, but just the beginning for me and for the Heathen publishing imprint.

Big thanks to a great team at Heathen for helping this beast see the light of day.  Cynthia has been instrumental in getting this far with editing, Amazon communications, and networking with our tribe.  Jason‘s artwork and media contributions are top notch and the marketing team is gearing up to take Amazon by storm.  Many big, exciting things on the horizon!

We’ll be running a special promotion on the Kindle version this week to celebrate the release of the paperback so watch for that to start tomorrow.   Thanks again to everyone for all the support!

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